Critter Bitters by Trouble Makers Inc.

Seeing two women trying to break into the world of bitters and bugs called for something definitively feminine. A brand that would break through the overly male dominated category. After working closely with Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops, I came to know their playful, yet refined sense of taste and incorporated that through hand-drawn illustrations and bold type pairings. Working backwards, we defined the Critter Bitters product line first, but realized that future products could contain other sustainable ingredients beyond bugs. Trouble Makers Inc. was born and that branding carried down to the product branding, sharing bold type and a clear message that “Drinking cocktails won’t save the world, but eating (insects) just might.” Trouble Makers Inc. are purveyors of positive change. The brand is visually strong and bold while the messaging provides insight to the effectiveness of edible bugs. Through the design of Cricket Bitters, Julia and Lucy have created a tangible solution to a complicated issue; sustainable food. You can change the conversation around how (and what) we’re consuming. Join the movement and become a Trouble Maker.

Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design

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